Legend 25mm Heavy Impact Gym Tiles


Legend Heavy Impact Gym Tiles are a 25mm Rubber Gym Tile that is designed to take the impact from heavier equipment such as Crossfit gyms, free weights and for when gym owners want to add extra protection to their expensive equipment or control sound and vibration throughout their building. 

Benefits include:

  • DIY installation,​
  • Non Permanent fixture, No gluing.
  • Can be moved to a new area,
  • Cheaper and easy to repair,
  • Lower start-up costs,
  • Quicker install time
  • Semi-Seamless look,
  • Endless Design options,
  • 50+ Colours,
  • Business Finance Leasing is available,
  • Floor Graphics and Logo Design option,
  • No VOC.




The Legend 25mm Heavy Impact Tiles are built with Power Feet allowing greater shock and impact absorption, unlike regular traditional solid rubber. Its ability to run power cables, speaker wires or even data cables without protrusion minimises any visual cord clutter. This also adds to underfoot cushioning for athletes as they train. Its unique design helps it reduce noise from smashing weights creating a better sound environment in your gym. Another of its greatest asset is its ability to minimise impact and vibration into the floor itself and your neighbours will thank you for that. Lastly, you'll also reduce and dampen the crushing blows to your equipment and help improve the life of your gym equipment and bumper plates.

The quality and details of our 25mm Heavy Impact Tiles are hard to pass. While everyone is looking for a cheaper product, we aim at producing a better product with no smell, better colours and a better range. Boasting a much larger colour amount and product configuration we pride ourselves on offering the best value and products alike. Just check out the colour range by clicking the link just below.



Colour Range
Check out the range of different colour options ranging from plain 100% Black to 95% colour to fit any gym corporate colour theme. Don't just blend in, be creative and bold.