Gym Spring Floor

When it comes to Gym Spring flooring nothing takes a pounding like these Springs. Designed to take the heavy impact from crushing weights, a Gym Spring Floors helps in more ways that one. Firstly, it knocks out more impact than conventional rubber flooring. Secondly, it heavily reduces sound impact creating a more harmonious gym environment. Thirdly it knocks out vibration from the impact which can travel into the subfloor and beyond resulting in noise transfer to other floors, building and into surrounding businesses. Lastly, it helps reduce the destruction in equipment such as bumper plates, lifting bars and other equipment.

A  Gym Spring Floor will add long-lasting comfort to your gym as well as cushion your equipment for the heavy impact attributed to lifting heavyweights. Commonly overlooked when planning, a Gym Sprung Floor aids by softening impact, minimising the return shock into equipment and helping avoid unnecessary noise and vibration in your building and those that surround. 

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