Legend 50mm Extreme Impact Gym Tiles

When you just can't afford to mess about. The Legend Extreme Impact Tile is the ultimate gym flooring offering the highest impact dampening from crashing weights, as well as the highest noise and impact vibration dampening helping reduce noise complaints from members and nearby neighbours and finally offering the highest equipment protection from all those crashing weights. The Legend Extreme Impact Tile is cut in a 50cm x 50cm Tile and boasts a 50mm profile. It simply is the best and only solution when it comes to protecting your Floor and Equipment. The built-in Power Pod feet allows for much greater impact shock and vibration dampening, as well as acting as a trap layer for sound to be caught between the Rubber Tile and the concrete floor below. This is extremely important in Apartment or Office Gyms where people may be working, on the phone or needing quiet spaces. 

The Extreme Impact 50mm Gym Tiles are built with Power Pod Feet also allows you to run any power, speaker or data cables underneath for a cleaner clutter-free gym. More importantly, it allows an air layer to help dry up any moisture from the concrete floor or any spilt drink bottles etc. 

Unmatched for their superior sound, impact and vibration shock absorption, these tiles allow you to lay a single layer floor without multiple layer systems of the past. The concept and design have proven to be far more effective with even better results than traditional layer systems as well as helping bring the cost of these types of gym floor build down by more than 50% of traditional gym floor building costs. 

One of the biggest assets a gym will face when starting up is its flooring. With many options available many gym owners are lost in a sea of choice while many just opt for the cheapest option which will come back and haunt them later. Many gym owners are up to date on the latest treadmills or which multistation machine works best, but when it comes to gym flooring most gym owners don't know where to start. This leads to making the wrong choices when selecting their gym floor. To be honest, every gym is built from the ground up and choosing the wrong floor will make type or choice will result in poor gym appearance, lower commercial life span, extra added costs, gym disruptions and a faster degrading gym look and feel. So chose right the first time and future-proof your investment.

Legend Power Pods
The Extreme Impact 50mm Tile allows equipment power cords from treadmills and other equipment as well as data cables and speaker wire to neatly run underneath the tiles to minimise any trip hazard and aid in visual tidiness. 
50mm Extreme Impact Gym Tile
Colour Range
Check out the range of different colour options ranging from plain 100% Black to 95% colour to fit any gym corporate colour themes. Don't just blend in, be creative and bold.