Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles can be a great addition to many areas in a gym such as entrances, walkways, breakout areas, group activity rooms, yoga, and stretching areas, etc. A great way to add different textures, colours, and surfaces to any gym. Carpet tiles are quick, versatile and affordable flooring that is easy to clean and a hard-wearing flooring option for any commercial space. Carpet tiles can be loose-laid for small areas or glued down for a more permanent solution for larger areas.

Layout Options:

Carpet tiles can be laid in many different ways to achieve different looks. The three main layouts are Monolithic (stacked pattern), Brick or Ashlar patterns and lastly Quater Turn pattern. These will give off a very distinct pattern using the same tile. Its also worthy to note that not all carpet tiles can be laid in all 4 options due to designs. Each layout pattern is dependant on the carpet tile design. Some Carpet Tile designs blend well into each other giving you the look of continuous carpet, while others create a more unique pattern altogether. 

While most tiles come in 50cm x 50cm you can also get a plank version which is 25cm x 100cm allowing you to get more creative with your flooring. 

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