Elevate Your Gym with Performance, Stylish and Durable Vinyl Gym Flooring

Our Vinyl Gym Flooring is a versatile flooring system that caters for many different areas in your gym. From walk-in reception areas, lounges and breakout areas to change rooms and bathrooms. Being impervious to moisture, the planks won’t warp or peel, and the surface can be mopped without any complications, making cleaning that much easier. With natural colour tones and designs, our Vinyl Gym Flooring will look and feel amazing in any gym. With many colours to choose from, there's a look and colour tone to fit just about any space in your gym.

Perfect for areas such as:

- Reception Area - Walkways
- Aerobic Rooms - Kids Play Areas
- Changerooms - Bathrooms
- Locker-Rooms - Cardio Zones
- Pro Stores & Retail Space  - Spin Rooms
- Therapy and Rehab Areas - Yoga Rooms
- Dance Studio - Chill Out Area
- Multi-Purpose Zones - and much more.


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