Unleash Performance with Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring

Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring

Not all Gyms are created equal and not areas of your gym are the same. Legend Rolled Rubber Gym Floors offer the perfect seamless look for those professional gyms that demand a sleek continuous-looking floor. Available in a range of colours and thicknesses to compliment your activities, the Legend Rolled Rubber Flooring is suitable in more areas of the gym than just in your weight area. With a wide range of colours and the ability to custom-make to your colour specifications (minimum yield applies), we can help you create that unique gym that you've always wanted. There's no time to blend in, stand out and be brave.

With a wide range of thicknesses ranging from 3mm - 12mm and 30 plus standard colours, the Legend Rolled Rubber is also great for those high-traffic areas in your gym such as Receptions, Entrance Ways, Walk Ways and Corridors, Gym Cafes Areas, Gym Crèches and Change Rooms.

Made from recycled rubber car tyres the Legend Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring is the best Green option helping avoid unnecessary landfill, helping reduce waste, improve recycling options and helping the world be a cleaner and green place to live in. We are proud of the fact that we also use clean and ethical manufacturing practices that include carcinogenic-free material and bonding agents and use only the finest ingredients to make all the Legend Rubber product ranges. This means No Toluene, No Formaldehyde, and No other nasty Toxic waste materials that find their way into cheaper products using cheaper and less expensive treatments, and bonding agents. These results are simple, a better product with a better finish and little to no smell and VOC, unlike cheaper alternatives.

Product Benefits:

  • ​Durability,
  • Impact Shock Absorption,
  • Vibration Dampening,
  • Equipment Protection,
  • Commercial life expectancy: 20+ years.

​Product Features:

  • ​10% - 15% more colour than some competitors,
  • Seamless continuous look,
  • 30+ Colours,
  • Custom Colours Available.

This product needs to be professionally installed and glued by a flooring contractor/installer for the best results. Call us to have our team professionally install your new gym floor today. For those wanting to roll up their sleeves and minimise costs with a DIY option then head over to our Gym Tiles for an easy solution that could say you thousands $$$

Check out our range of different colour options ranging from plain 100% Black to 95% colour to fit any gym corporate colour theme. Don't just blend in, be creative and bold.