Elevating Performance: Melbourne City FC's Gym Upgrade with Legend's Shock-Absorbing Flooring

Author: Sports Floor Australia  Date Posted:17 January 2024 


Case Study: Melbourne City Football Club's Cutting-Edge Gym

Background: In a bid to enhance the training experience for their athletes, Melbourne City Football Club recently underwent a significant upgrade to their training facilities which included a Men and Womens Gym. The focus was on providing superior comfort, durability, and performance for both the Men's and Women's teams. The gym build included the integration of Legend 20mm Shock Pad base layer, complemented by Legend 15mm Gym Tiles, and a custom 26m x 2.6m Fuji Sprint Turf with the same shock-absorbing foundation.

Flooring Solution: The decision to rely on Legend's state-of-the-art shock-absorbing technology showcased Melbourne City Football Club's commitment to providing their athletes with the best possible training environment. The Legend 20mm Shock Pad base layer served as a robust foundation, minimising impact and reducing the risk of injuries during high-intensity workouts.

For the gym areas, the installation of Legend 15mm Gym Tiles added an extra layer of durability while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance. These tiles not only contribute to the longevity of the gym floor but also offer excellent grip and stability, crucial for athletes engaged in dynamic training routines.

Custom Fuji Sprint Turf: Taking the training experience to the next level, a custom 26m x 2.6m Fuji Sprint Turf was seamlessly integrated into the gym space. Installed over the Legend 20mm Shock Pad, the turf not only provided a realistic training surface for specific drills but also delivered superior comfort and cushioning, replicating the feel of a pristine soccer field.

Efficient Installation: A team of four skilled installers efficiently completed the gym build in just three days and a total of 15 pallets of rubber gym flooring had been delivered and crained in onto the stadium concourse for better access was used for better access around the constructions site. The seamless collaboration and expertise of the installation team ensured that Melbourne City Football Club's training facility was ready to accommodate the rigorous demands of professional athletes promptly.

Impact on Athlete Development: The state of the art gym facilities are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of Melbourne City football champions. The shock-absorbing properties of the Legend flooring solutions contribute to injury prevention, allowing athletes to train at peak performance levels with confidence.

Conclusion: Melbourne City Football Club's investment in cutting-edge flooring technology exemplifies their commitment to providing a world-class training environment. The Legend 20mm Shock Pad, Legend 15mm Gym Tiles, and Custom Fuji Sprint Turf collectively create a space where athletes can push their limits, hone their skills, and aspire to become the soccer champions of tomorrow.

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