Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner: Elevate Your Gyms Hygiene Standards

Maintaining a clean and hygienic gym environment is paramount, especially in settings where cleanliness plays a critical role in health and safety. Fuji Mats understands this need and is proud to introduce our Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner, a powerful solution designed to keep your mats and any other surface in your gym in pristine condition.

The Importance of Mat and Gym Cleaning

Fuji Mats, whether they are in gyms, martial arts dojos, yoga studios, or any other setting, are essential for comfort, safety, and performance. Over time, these mats can accumulate dirt, sweat, and germs, creating an environment that poses health risks. Routine cleaning not only extends the life of your mats but also ensures a safer and more pleasant experience for everyone using them.

Introducing Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner

Our Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner is formulated to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges. With a proven, tried and tested formulation (tested at Sydney University), the powerful Log 6 formulation, (that's the power of 6 or an easier way to put it, it has a 99.9999% effective kill rate on germs and bacteria) Here's why it's the go-to choice for maintaining mat and gym hygiene:

  • Versatile Cleaning: Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner is compatible with a wide range of mat materials, including vinyl, rubber, and foam, as well as bench-top counters, glass, hard floors, tiles, wooden floors and other hard surfaces around your gym. Whether you have yoga mats, wrestling mats, or gym floors, this cleaner is designed to work effectively.
  • Powerful Cleaning Action: Our formula is specifically crafted to break down and remove dirt, sweat, germs, bacteria and other contaminants that can accumulate on mats and surfaces around your gym. It leaves your mats and surfaces not only clean but also refreshed and odour-free giving your surface a 24-hour surface protection layer.
  • Easy Application: Using Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner is simple. Just mix according to instructions in the Fuji Mat Mop or bucket for large floor areas or mix in a spray bottle the cleaner other surfaces and wipe it clean with a cloth, and let it air dry. There's no need for extensive scrubbing or rinsing.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly: We prioritise the safety of both users and the environment. Our mat cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable, and free from harsh chemicals, making it a responsible choice for your cleaning needs.
  • Regular Use: To maintain a consistently clean and hygienic environment, we recommend using Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner as part of your regular maintenance routine. This ensures that your mats stay in peak condition and remain welcoming to users


Incorporating Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner into your cleaning regimen not only preserves the longevity of your mats but also contributes to a healthier and safer environment for your clients, students, or athletes. Clean mats are not only more visually appealing but also vital for preventing the spread of germs and maintaining a professional and welcoming space.

Don't compromise on cleanliness and hygiene. Elevate your mat maintenance with Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mats are in the best possible condition. For more information or to order our mat cleaner, please feel free to contact us today.


Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner range is…

  • Alcohol-Free,
  • Ammonia Free,
  • Bleach Free,
  • Chlorine Free,
  • Formaldehyde Free,
  • Fume Free,
  • Petrochemical Free,
  • Phosphate Free,
  • SLS Free,
  • 100% Natural,
  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Botanical,
  • Biodegradable,
  • 100% Safe for the Environment,
  • Made from Renewable Ingredients,
  • Will not harm waterways,
  • No Exposure Limits – Safe for People,
  • No Chemicals - No Toxic Residue,
  • Non Corrosive. Great on equipment,
  • Contains Sanitiser to kill germs,
  • Eliminates 99.9999% of germs & bacteria,
  • Protects surfaces for up to 24 hours.

This bottle makes approximately 100 litres of cleaner. Simply mix 20ml to 1 litre of water to clean all floors, glass, benchtops or any hard surface. As always avoid ingestion and contact with eyes.


Simply mix with water to clean all floors, glass, bench tops or any hard surfaces such as steel, marble, hardwood and porcelain.


  • Fuji Mat Mop: 45ml.
  • 500ml Spray Bottle: 25ml.
  • Mop Bucket 3 lt: 150ml
  • Or mix 30ml for everyday cleaning or 50ml. per litre of water for a deeper hospital-grade clean.


How powerful is the Fuji Mat Cleaner? 

The Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner is a powerful Log 6 cleaner. Log 6 has a 99.9999% kill rate which is as powerful as bleach but without the nasty side effects.





Fuji Mats Natural Multi-Purpose Mat Cleaner is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients that are kind to the environment, and gentle on product surfaces and athletes' skin. Our new formulation is even better and more high-performing than ever.
Brand Fuji Mats
Shipping Weight 5.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.310m
Shipping Length 0.190m
Shipping Cubic 0.008835000m3

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